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I did this last year, so I’m obligated to do it again.

2013— it was a pretty good year for me.
1. I was given a bid and initiated into Chi Omega
2. I got really awesome grades (spring 2013)
3. My cousin got engaged!
4. My other cousin had her second child
5. Although my grandma had a bad fall, she made a full recovery in just a month or so
6. I went to Wisconsin with my loving family and his extremely hospitable family
7. I went to Hawaii
8. I started my second year of college, and met the most fantastic roommates/best friends I could ever ask for
9. I was an extra in 22 Jump Street, during which Channing Tatum brushed by me and said “excuse me.”
10. I saw my family (including my dad) and one of my best friends in Chicago for thanksgiving
11. I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend!
12. I went on a father-daughter trip to NYC
13. Yesterday, I turned 20 years old

Thanks for the memories, 2013! Looking forward to 2014. Let it be a year full of health, love, happiness, and success!!

-get in shape!
-get good grades!
-have more fun!

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When you’re pretty, “nobody cares that you can spell ‘facetious’ without looking at the dictionary.” -See article linked below.

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